Here are some frequently asked questions?

  1. What is Propertyscout.ae?

We understand that Searching online for a property in UAE can be overwhelming, Propertyscout.ae is the easiest way to find properties for rent or buy in UAE. We speed up the search process by offering customized features to help you scout your dream home. Propertyscout.ae empowers real estate professionals with innovative digital tools and customized marketing strategies that help you connect with active home seekers in UAE.

  1. Why use Propertyscout.ae?
  • Fast and Efficient: Only the best listings from the best agents; Select locations by clicking the map; Shortlist properties, make offers on properties and schedule viewing.
  • Quality First: All listings are manually verified; Listings sorted by marketing quality and advertisers are verified before listing on the platform.
  • Unrivalled Search Features: Search by distance from schools, offices or malls, save searches and share with other people, Search for short term rentals, Search for off-plan properties or ready properties.
  • Helpful Information: Useful tips for renting or buying; In-depth local area guides; Comprehensive Dubai buildings directory; Regular construction updates, average sale price and rent price per area.
  1. How can I advertise on propertyscou.ae?

 If you would like to advertise with us please send a request to join our free 30 day introductory trial to info@propertyscout.ae you can also signup on our website. Please include your valid RERA ID and Permit We aim to validate all new applications within 48 hours.

  1. Is there a CRM? How can I consult the activity of my listings?

PropertyScout.ae offers a CRM accessible from the dashboard. You will be able to see in real-time: activities, leads, deals, inquiries, favorite properties reviews etc.

  1. Property Enquiries?

 All property enquiries should be made directly to the real estate agent that posted the advert. You can find their phone number and email form by clicking the "Contact Agent" button adjacent to the listing.

  1. What is a Free 30-day free trial?

The Free 30-day trial offer is a non-binding offer. After this period, you are free to subscribe or not to propertyscout.ae’s plans. This offer is valid for 60 days from the date of registration. The Free 60-day trial offer is based on an Unlimited pack giving you Unlimited access to test all of propertyscout.ae’s features.

  1. Can I upload all my listings in one time?

Yes, you can! You need to send us your files (XML, CSV, XLS, XLSX). Our team will upload it for you. Your listings will be automatically published in your dashboard. You will be allowed to manage, edit, modify, delete all of them anytime.

  1. How can I manage my listings?

You can manage your listings from your dashboard. All your listings are available in this section. You can edit, delete, modify, etc. All listings are accessible: published, pending, expired, draft, on hold. You just have to select the listing of your choice and change its status.

  1. How do I pay for my subscription?

You can use the following methods: by debit/credit card through, cheque or bank transfer subject to prior validation by PropertyScout.ae.

  1. What does a Platinum subscription mean?

It is a unique all-in-one pack that allows real estate professionals to promote their residential without any listing limitation or time limit. It is a monthly subscription subscribed for a commitment period of 1 year payable monthly (monthly payment) or annually (billed annually). This pack includes all features

  1. What does a Gold subscription mean?

It is a package intended for real estate professionals managing a large volume of residential and commercial listings. It is a monthly subscription contract of 1 year payable monthly (monthly payment) or annually (billed annually). This pack includes limited features as per the contract

  1. What does a Silver subscription mean?

It is a package designed for Real Estate Professionals with less than 200 listings. It offers all the functionalities to promote your residential and commercial offers. It is a monthly subscription contract of 1 year payable monthly (monthly payment) or annually (billed annually). This pack includes the features as per the contract

  1. Can I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your subscription at any time by choosing a higher subscription package. For example, you can upgrade to the silver pack or the Gold pack

  1. What are the differences between Agent, Agency, Individual, and Developer accounts?
  • The Agent account is only valid for 1 agent. It does not give any other access. This Agent can then enter his listings. It is a single-user account and must be subscribed by the Agent himself.
  • The Agency account is only valid for one Agency. It gives Unlimited access to create accounts for the Agents of the Agency (Unlimited users). It is a multiple user account and must be subscribed only by the Agency itself.
  • The Developer account is valid only for one Developer. It gives Unlimited access to all Agents of the Developer (Unlimited users). It is a multiple user account and must be subscribed to only by the Developer himself,
  1. Do I have to sign up after the Free 30-day trial offer?

At the end of the trial, you will then receive a message warning you that the trial offer is about to expire. You can then subscribe to a paid package or simply cancel your account. In the event of cancellation, no action on your part is required. The trial offer will stop automatically.

  1. As an Agency, can I manage my Agents’ accounts?

Everything is designed with team management in mind. From the Agency dashboard, you create your Agents’ accesses (login/password). Your Agents will then receive their accesses to finalize their accounts by filling in their profile information.


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